Here are some key points to help you navigate our system:

There are a few types of shipments that can not be entered online:

  • US Domestic Shipments (both origin and destination in the US).
  • Dangerous Goods (HAZMAT).
  • Temperature-Controlled shipments.
  • Shipments requiring driver assistance beyond the use of a tailgate.
  • Time specific shipments or specialty services (i.e. Tradeshows, Prebooked Appts, Bonded, Blind etc.).

Insurance Details:

If you need additional insurance beyond our standard liability insurance, please declare the value of your shipment in the currency registered with your CSA account. Don't forget to convert the currency if necessary.

Address Tips:

Please use Postal and ZIP Codes for precise quotes. City, state/province combinations can lead to inaccurate rates.

  • If a Postal or ZIP Code is missing in our system, kindly inform your sales representative, and we'll take care of it.

Address Book Feature:

Create address book entries for each Shipper and Consignee in the Order Entry feature.

Scheduling Shipments:

Double check specified dates and times, including opening and closing hours. Trucks will be dispatched based on these details.

Entering Shipment Details:

Enter the Commodity in the first line of the shipment Dimensions and Weights section (it does not need to be added for each line).

  • For units that are not pallets/crates, select 'pcs' (pieces) from the dropdown menu.


You may also review the additional support documents and tutorials to help you get started: